Getting Started with Orthodontic Treatment

Appliance Videos

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Just getting started with Orthodontic Appliances?  Here are some great videos to help you learn more.  Our clinicians will guide you through and can let you know which videos will be most helpful for you.  Please feel free to ask us questions at any time.

Getting Started with Orthodontic Treatment

Bite Pillow

Broken Brackets

Brushing with Braces

Brushing with a Proxabrush

Cementing Bands


Direct Bonding Procedure

Elastic Tooth Separators (Spacers)

Flossing with Superfloss

Foods to Avoid

Oral Irrigation

Parts of Braces

Help with Poking Wires

Retainer Compliance

Using Wax to Help with Discomfort

Appliance Videos

MARA Appliance

Getting started with Invisalign?

Need some help with your Rapid Palatal Expander?