Your Guide To Braces

Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, Greenbelt, MD

Can I Play Contact Sports With Braces?

Yes, you can play contact sports BUT you must wear a mouthguard. We would be happy to provide you with one, so just ask our team!

Do Braces Hurt?

Wearing braces is simple and generally quite easy with the modern devices available. However, braces do need to be regularly adjusted and this will make the teeth feel tender for a few days. The fitting of braces is generally painless. Discomfort usually occurs several hours after the placement of the appliances and similarly after adjustments.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

No two orthodontic problems are the same and the cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of the problem as well as the treatment required. Many orthodontic problems require only simple treatment and you might find that the cost is lower than you expected. Costs will be discussed in full at your initial consultation. The fees that are quoted cover all aspects of your orthodontic treatment including all office visits, retainers, and follow-up visits.

How Do I Take Care Of Braces?

The care of your braces will be fully explained to you on the same day that they are placed on your teeth. You will get a full rundown on cleaning, foods to avoid, and how to prevent breakage. Compliance with these rules will result in a beautiful, healthy smile and minimize your time in braces.

Should I Continue To See My Family Dentist While In Braces?

Definitely! At Labbe Family Orthodontics, we work very closely with your family dentist and stress the importance of regular dental visits. It is very important to see your dentist twice a year to prevent and detect dental decay as well as monitor your overall dental health.

Will Braces Make Me Talk Funny?

No, braces should not interfere with the way you speak or the sound of your voice. Please understand that depending on the appliances that are being utilized, there may be a brief adjustment period. We recommend that our patients go home and do some out loud reading. You will be amazed at how quickly your mouth will adjust!

Will I Need To Have Teeth Removed?

At Labbe Family Orthodontics, we go above and beyond to avoid the extraction of permanent healthy teeth. Modern orthodontics in conjunction with treatment at an appropriate age has reduced the need for extractions in the majority of cases. This is true even with our adult patients. There are cases where crowding, the position of the teeth, or the bite itself may dictate the need to extract teeth. However, these cases are very much in the minority.