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Orthodontics Articles

At Labbe Family Orthodontics, we are experts in the field of orthodontics. Check out our orthodontic articles for more information on orthodontic trends, treatment, and information.

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Appliance Instructions

Labbe Family Orthodontics provides helpful instructions for your new orthodontic appliance. Check out our library of appliance instructions here.

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Clean Routine

Here at Labbe Family Orthodontics, we have an excellent team of experts who can recommend products and techniques to help arm you with the tools you need to keep your mouth and teeth in excellent shape.

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Orthodontics FAQ

Have questions about orthodontic treatment? Our expert team is here to help! Check out our guide to some frequently asked questions we receive about orthodontics.

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Emergency Orthodontic Care In Maryland

The good news is that orthodontic emergencies are generally rare and minor, but it never hurts to know what to do in the event that you’re left dealing with an orthodontic emergency. Here are fixes you’ll want to know about, just in case!

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