5 Causes of Bad Breath in Children

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Shocked little boy

Halitosis or bad breath is a very common occurrence among children, but it can have several different causes, some of them requiring a visit to a children’s orthodontist. We reveal 5 ways that a child can develop bad breath and what can be done about it.

1. Food and Improper Teeth Cleaning

There are many foods out there that don’t smell great and which can easily cause your child to have bad breath. When those food particles are left on their teeth, the result can be even worse.

Ensuring your child’s teeth are properly flossed, brushed, and rinsed twice daily will offer several benefits. You could also stop serving foods like garlic and onions but, if you do, be warned: No pizza, hummus, or spaghetti sauce will ever be the same!

2. Dry Mouth

Children who breathe through their mouth when asleep or awake may have less saliva. As well, bad-smelling gases can also be released through the mouth to cause halitosis. Both can work together to create bad breath, but more water can eliminate it.

3. Illness

If your child has bad breath but has also been complaining of facial pain, has been coughing, or has had a runny nose for what seems like a long time, this could indicate sinusitis. Sinusitis causes the sinuses to become inflamed and blocked.

A good way to flush that bacteria out and improve bad breath is to ensure your children drink plenty of water. Blowing their noses will also help remove the blockage and the infection.

A child who’s been vomiting, experiencing abdominal pain and nausea, and complaining of heartburn in addition to having bad breath may have acid reflux. Regardless of the symptoms, a visit to the doctor is best to confirm any diagnosis and get the right medication for your child.

4. Tooth Decay

Another very popular cause of bad breath in children is tooth decay. Once that decay has begun, it can be too painful to brush and floss, which causes the food buildup we mentioned earlier. The more they don’t brush, the more food and bacteria will accumulate on their teeth and gums. Seeing a specialist in orthodontics for children will allow cavities to be repaired and teeth to be thoroughly cleaned.

5. Misalignment of the Teeth

Any time teeth are crooked, crowded, or otherwise not in a healthy position, they can cause bad breath. How? The improper placement of teeth can cause them to wear in odd places, making them vulnerable to cavities.

In addition, teeth that are crowding against one another can be impossible to floss, leading to bacteria becoming trapped and causing cavities between the teeth that you may not be able to see. You guessed it. A visit to an orthodontist is the solution.

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