15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling

Life Is Better With a Smile

Have you ever thought about how smiling has a direct impact on your moods and those around you? Most people do not even realize that when they smile they are also exercising their facial muscles. Not to mention, smiling people seem more happy, relaxed, and approachable, compared to people with frowns on their faces!

In addition, there are many different types of smiles a person can use, depending on the situation and setting. For instance, when you are shopping, you might smile at the person near you, indicating a polite smile. On the other hand, your kids may do something embarrassing, so then you could elicit an embarrassed smile, along with slightly flushed red cheeks.

Here at Labbe Family Orthodontics, we believe life is better with a smile. To show you just how much this is true, we invite you to continue reviewing the following infographic which has 15 fascinating facts about smiling. Afterward, if you are in need of a smile makeover, do not hesitate to contact us directly to discover how our orthodontic services can give you the smile you deserve!